About us

May. 2014

Mina Hashiba who is the founder and the programme Director of Mirai Future of Kenya (Kenya no Mirai) established the Youth Change Initiative (Community Based Organisation) in Machakos Sub-County, Kenya with 14 Kenyans, mainly officers in the Juvenile Justice related Institutions.

Aug. 2014

 Established Kenya no mirai project, informal non-profit organization in Japan, supporting the activities of Youth Change Initiative and collect donations from Japanese citizens.

Jan-Dec. 2015

 Conducting activities in Kenya through the Youth Change Initiative with funds raised from Japan at the time of establishment.

 Conducted a pilot project to select 22 Volunteer Probation Officers for the first time in two Locations near Machakos town within a year.

 In addition, support for individual vocational training for a juvenile who have left the Juvenile Training Centre (Borstal Institution) and support for social reintegration through group seminars for ex-borstal boys.

Sep. 2016

 Applied to Chiba Prefecture for a specified non-profit organisation. We decided to restart as the Kenya no mirai instead of Kenya no mirai project

Dec. 2016

Certification as NPO kenya no mirai

Jul-Aug. 2017

 Implemented the project for Community Based Rehabilitation programme by Volunteer Probation Officers for Juveniles and Youthful offenders in Kenya funded by Niwano Peace Foundation. 

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May. 2018

NGO registration as Mirai Future of Kenya authorized by the NGO Coordination Board in Kenya

Jul. 2018-

Project for Enhancing Community Based Supervision, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of Juveniles and Youthful Offenders in Machakos County, Kenya commenced as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) grassroots technical cooperation project

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Jul. 2019-

Commenced “Project for promoting Community based child protection activities undertaken by Child Protection Volunteers in Athi-river sub-County” funded by LUSH JAPAN Charity bank.

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Mina Hashiba, the founder

After having studied International Development at the post graduate school in the UK, she worked in Tanzania as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, JOCV, a staff of the African Japan Forum, CanDo-Community Action Development Organisation, and then engaged as a JICA long term Expert in the Project for Capacity Building for Child Care and Protection Officers in Juvenile Justice System in 2010.

She encountered problems in the area of Juvenile Justice in Kenya and she considered as important to strengthen the programme for child protection activities in the communities for juveniles to realize the community based supervision and rehabilitative treatment of delinquent children and to prevent delinquency and crime.

After the completion of the JICA project mentioned above in 2013, she established the Kenya no mirai project in 2014.

Background of the establishment


In Kenya, infrastructure development and active private investment have been progressing in recent years, but on the other hand, many poor people are unable to keep up with the wave of development and the unemployment rate of young people is particularly serious.

In the face of deep-seated poverty, children and adolescents, especially those who have no purpose in their lives, are likely to beengaged in various anti-social activities. This leads to insecurity in the region and the country as a whole. For instance, the execution of terrorism by young people were found in Kenya. There are also situations that lead to radicalization of children including school students.

 Kenya no mirai project, the former informal organisation, conducted election and training of Volunteer Probation Officers so as torehabilitate juveniles in the local community and prevent delinquency. A system of Japanese origin, in collaboration with Probation and Aftercare Services in Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Governement. We also provided vocational as well as psychosocial support to boys from bortsal Institutions (equivalent to the Juvenile Training Centre) so that they can be reintegrated to society and school life without recidivism after returning to the general society from the correctional institutions.

 We, Kenya no mirai, NPO, would like to further develop our activities and carry out activities to foster the power to protect children in cooperation with various parties in the local community, including parents and schools. In addition, we would like to provide individual support for children, adolescents, and women who are vulnerable to the social problems.

 Moreover, it seems that the problems of children such as child abuse and neglect are becoming more serious every year in Japan as well. We would like to carry out awareness raising activities in Japan to think about the situations of Kenyan children and to think together about these issues that are commonly seen in a modern society. 

 We established a NPO here in order to carry out such activities in a stable and long-term manner, since the healthy upbringing of children in the local community requires the involvement of many stakeholders.