Mirai Future of Kenya (kenya no mirai), a non profit organisation aims to create a society in which as many Kenyan children as possible can become adults who realize that they are valued and interact with other members of society with self-esteem.

For supporting children, we do not give things, money, or meals directly to children.

We train local people to prevent violence against children and crimes involving children in the communities in Kenya. We train local volunteers for children.

We will work together with Kenyans and other institutions in Kenya to create a society in which Kenyans themselves can protect their children in the Kenyans’ communities and prevent them from engaging in antisocial behavior from negative emotions and thoughts.

Features of Mirai’s Activities:

We aim at the healthy development of Kenyan children. We work under the following concept;

● We target children who are in more difficult social circumstances and who are socially marginalized as Children in Need of Care and Protection. This includes delinquent children allegedly guilty as well as Children in Conflict with the Law (Juvenile).

● We support the protection of children in the community and think that detention of children within the facilities should be the last resort.  

● We work in cooperation with local residents and the relevant government offices in Kenya.
Regarding administrative agencies, we cooperate with Kenyan children’s offices, which handles cases of vulnerable children and also provide welfare support, the probation office and the administrative offices (ward mayors and assistants) that are the key to Juvenile rehabilitation in the community.

● We emphasize the participation of local residents.
We select volunteers based on the decisions of local residents. We also conduct training for local residents.
We work to prevent children from getting lost, rather than providing first aid to those already lost, rather than relying solely on foreign support.
We also believe that Kenyans and Kenyan society are the leading actors who protect children, aiming for long-term sustainable activities.

We, Kenya no mirai, recruit members and supporters to support our activities.

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The funds we receive will be sent to Kenyan and used for activities such as protecting Kenyan children, rehabilitating youth from delinquency, promoting rehabilitation, and preventing child abuse.

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